Get Hands-on Experience in College  

Have a chance to break free from traditional classroom boundaries and dive headfirst into a world digital marketing role. Internships don't only have to be boosting your resume; they can be a dynamic playground where you get to apply your skills, connect with apartment industry professionals, and shape your own narrative. ApartmentsFor provides a hands-on positions that are flexible with your school, extracurricular, and social obligations while allowing you to clarify your career aspirations. Join us and learn about digital strategy, gain confidence in your abilities, and get paid!  Ready to unleash your potential and make an impact? 

Meet Our Current Intern Class

We're on the lookout for individuals with the following qualities:

  • Entrepreneurial spirit
  • Creative and eager to try new things
  • Engaged with the university community, actively and socially
  • Confident self-starters
  • Team players who are excited to collaborate with other students on projects
  • Eager to learn
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Benefits of Internships with ApartmentsFor

  • Hands-On Experience: practical, real-world experience that engages students with the local apartment industry.
  • Skill Development: develop and enhance skills specific to your major.
  • Networking Opportunities: build your networking skills by connecting with experienced professionals, mentors, and colleagues in the apartment industry.
  • Resume Enhancement: enhance your resume to provide a competitive edge in the job market.
  • Career Exploration: explore different facets of the apartment industry, helping you make informed decisions about future career goals.
  • Personal and Professional Growth: build confidence, adaptability, and a deeper understanding of workplace dynamics.
  • Industry Insights: gain valuable insights into industry practices, trends, and challenges.
  • References and Recommendations: we love writing recommendation letters for our past interns future endeavors! 
  • Experience Remote Work: build skills for remote work (communication, accountability, and time management).

We're building a team of self-motivated, highly talented people. People who are passionate about social & online marketing, who love to challenge the status, and who always aim to amaze customers by doing the little things that make a big difference.

Did you know that half of our current full-time team started with ApartmentsFor through internships within local university markets? Even our Managing Director got her start over a decade ago on the team as an intern while attending The University of Florida in 2012! 

Join the ApartmentsFor Team

If you're lucky to attend college in one of the markets we serve, ApartmentsFor offers a variety of internships that give students the opportunity to learn and grow alongside our team. Internships run on semester basis, so if we don't have an opening in the this semester, check again for the next!

 SwampRentals 2024-2025 Internship 

 ApartmentsForAthens 2024-2025 Internship 

ApartmentsForLegends 2024-2025 Internship

407Apartments 2024-2025 Internship

 ApartmentsForBulls 2024-2025 Internship 

We've welcomed interns from the following colleges:

  • University of Alabama
    College of Arts & Sciences
    College of Communications & Information Sciences
    Culverhouse College of Business
  • University of Central Florida
    College of Sciences
  • University of Georgia
    Terry College of Business
    Grady College of Journalism
    Franklin College of Art & Sciences
  • University of Florida
    Warrington College of Business
    College of Journalism and Communications
  • University of South Florida 
    College of Arts & Sciences
  • Florida State University
    College of Social Sciences & Policy
    College of Communication & Information