Teaching Closing Strategies for Our Local Associations

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The old-fashioned phrase “Always Be Closing” still rings true in the North Central Florida apartment industry. From a renter’s online research experience, to the first phone call or email, to the application process, leasing agents have countless opportunities to build rapport and turn prospects into future residents. 

Sydney Jamieson, Managing Director, recently brought her extensive expertise to teach a Closing Strategies course, designed to equip leasing professionals with the skills they need to excel. This 3-hour class was held on two different dates: for the North Central Florida Apartment Association (NCFAA) in Gainesville, FL, and for the Capital City Apartment Association (CCAA) in Tallahassee, FL.

Course Overview

During this dynamic course, students delved into 13 effective closing strategies they could start using right away, throughout the entire leasing process – from first contact to commitment.

  1. Understanding the Internet Prospect: Learning the unique behaviors and expectations of renters who begin their apartment search online.
  2. Proving Customer Service Throughout the Sales Process: Strategies for maintaining exceptional service and fostering trust from the initial interaction to the lease signing.
  3. Building Rapport: Discovering ways to connect, engage, and empathize with prospects to build strong relationships.
  4. Scoring the Tour: Techniques to ensure prospects show up on time, every time, making the most out of property tours.
  5. Overcoming 5 Types of Objections: Tactics for addressing and overcoming objections related to privacy, price, place, prejudice, and procrastination.
  6. The Timeline Close: How to use a prospect’s timeline to naturally guide them towards closing the deal.

About the Instructor: Sydney Jamieson

Sydney Jamieson has extensive experience in the apartment industry, having worked in various roles from Street Team to Leasing Manager. She currently helps renters find their perfect apartments through Swamp Rentals, Gainesville’s local online apartment search. Sydney’s expertise in combining budget, location, and features ensures a successful leasing experience for all.

"Thank You!" We extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who attended Sydney's Closing Strategies course. Your participation and enthusiasm made the sessions truly enriching. We hope the skills and strategies learned will empower you to turn more prospects into satisfied residents. Keep an eye on the NCFAA and CCAA websites for more educational opportunities and events.