Navigating the Crimson Tide: ApartmentsForLegends Connects with Students of Alpha Kappa Psi

Posted By: Jack Gerus Inspiration, Local Solutions, Student Housing,

Our team at ApartmentsForLegends sponsored a meeting of the business fraternity Alpha Kappa Psi at The University of Alabama. Members filed in out of the dark, cold evening and enjoyed some piping hot (and free) pizza. Once everyone had settled down, our Associate Market Director Jack had some time to share information about ApartmentsForLegends and what it offers to the student body.

While it was great to share what we can do for students, one of the most notable things about the meeting was the insight that the members of Alpha Kappa Psi shared with us. After asking which members had trouble searching for a Tuscaloosa apartment, nearly all hands in the room went up! While all of these students shared a passion for business, another commonality between them was the struggles they encountered while searching for off-campus housing at Bama.

Students elaborated on their experience searching for an apartment when they were underclassmen, saying that it was difficult to search for specific criteria in communities or to compare all their options. After detailing all the resources that ApartmentsForLegends has to offer, many were interested and grabbed the flyers that were placed around the room before the meeting.

This experience solidified to our team that students need a resource to help them find the right place to live and to help them make the most of their college experience. We aim to help in both of those areas, bringing students the in-depth apartment information they desire and the student guide that can help them make the most of their experience at Bama. Larger services for locating housing do not offer anywhere near the level of personal touch and tailoring that each unique community requires.

This was a major win not just for the students searching for a more effective way to find an apartment, but also for the apartment communities ApartmentsForLegends serves. The most popular apartments, ones closer to campus, and where students’ friends live all have an edge when it comes to getting leases signed. Bringing students to ApartmentsForLegends gives students a comprehensive search of apartments in the area and allows our housing partners to show off what sets them apart.

The events we have hosted on campus have all been rewarding and helpful in introducing ourselves to the student body. Sponsoring this fraternity meeting specifically highlighted just how much of a need there is for a Tuscaloosa-centered apartment guide. ApartmentsForLegends has the potential to help students find exactly what they are looking for in Bama’s housing scene while also giving crucial insights into the Tuscaloosa way of life.