ApartmentsForAthens Talks with Students During UGA Housing Fair

Posted By: Caroline Webb News & Events, Student Housing,

As part of the ApartmentsForAthens team, I recently visited Athens, GA for the UGA Red & Black Housing Fair. This trip was fun and successful; I'm excited to share my experience with you. From the crisp winter atmosphere to the welcoming community, Athens proves to be more than just a college town—it's a place where memories are made and futures are shaped.

Arriving in Athens, the first thing that always strikes me is lively energy that comes from a passionate student body. More than half of every student you see is rocking red and black.  Known for huge Bulldog fanbase, eclectic culture, and thriving music scene, Athens has a charm that is hard to resist. As I strolled through the downtown area, I couldn't help but be captivated by the unique blend of local shops, restaurants, and art galleries that line the bustling streets.

The UGA Housing Fair itself was an invaluable experience. Held on the university campus, the fair provided myself, and our Director of Strategic Partnerships, Olivia Blitchington, the space to connect with property managers and students about the upcoming Fall 2024 leasing season. Events like these are always a fun time to showcase each properties personality and have great chats with students. Even so, the highlight for me may have been the Chick-fil-A sandwich giveaway; it was the perfect energy boost!

We also had a chance to meet our brand-new Social Media Representative, Maddie LoMonaco, in person for the first time! Being a remote team, I often manage interns that I’ll never meet face to face. It’s always very special to give a member of our team a hug and share a meal together. We at a JINYA Ramen, a favorite of all of us ladies. As we sipped our noodle soup, we got to know each other and shared in the excitement for what’s to come for ApartmentsForAthens. 

I took some time out of my week to connect with local Athens businesses as well. I introduced myself to managers at Foxglove Plant Bar, Ted’s Most Best, 1000 Faces Coffee, and Prince Market. I discussed working together to boost each other’s visibility in the community. We decided that I would leave our flyers for their customers, and we would create social content highlighting these businesses. Athens has an excellent local businesses community and our goal at ApartmentsForAthens is always to be the best resource to students possible. By connecting with the beloved spots, we can share recommendations with each incoming class of students and spread the word that our site is the easiest way to find off-campus housing near UGA.   

This is just a brief recap of what our team got up to in Athens, GA. Every visit we meet more and more welcoming people and of course, eat fantastic food. This market is growing, and the community is catching that ApartmentsForAthens can bring students, businesses, apartment communities, and the university together.