ApartmentsForLegends Sponsors Roll Tide Run Homecoming 5K

Posted By: Jack Gerus News & Events, Student Housing,

     It was a cool October afternoon. Hundreds of University of Alabama students took to the Quad and gathered beneath Denny Chimes. Why? To kick off homecoming week in the only way they know how: fierce competition, in the form of a race. A battle for the ages, with each stride spelling victory or defeat. These students were partaking in the Roll Tide Run 5K. For glory, for pride, and for… Lululemon.

            Though not everyone present was competing for first place, all were able to enter the contest for the Lulu prize pack, courtesy of ApartmentsForLegends. By following the Apartments For Legends social media accounts, participants were in the running for this collection of sonic pink apparel. Not only were they gaining the opportunity to adorn themselves with stylish accent pieces, but also to encounter the apartment of their dreams by simply asking for it. Countless sorority women became familiar with Tuscaloosa’s one and only local apartment experts. In part because of this momentous giveaway, but also thanks to custom water bottle labels, wrapped with the utmost care around the refreshments given to those tired and weary that crossed the finish line. These served as a reminder that just as an ice-cold drink can restore the body after such great exertion, the right apartment refreshes the spirit after the trials of every day.

            Housing partners on this journey with us directly benefit from this campaign to reach the Greek system, which comprises 36% of Bama’s student body. That is over 12,000 students. Nearly enough to fill Coleman Coliseum. Each of these students, with their fraternity brothers and sorority sisters, is well-connected and always at the ready to guide friends and littles as they make their own way through college life. Answering questions and offering advice to those around them is second nature, and always occurring. How do I get to my classes? Which professor should I avoid? Where can I find an apartment? Reaching students in Greek life goes beyond the student herself. It has a ripple effect.

            Because of this event, Apartments For Legends became much more familiar to one of the most influential groups at the University of Alabama: the Greek system. As it comes time to sign leases once again, and as these students look for the perfect spot to live with their closest friends, they will have the resources to find exactly what they are looking for. Though the 5K has long since ended, the next finish line to cross is finding a place to call home in Tuscaloosa.