ApartmentsFor Visits Over 200 Communities during Student Housing Turn 2023

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Student housing turn is a crucial 2-week period nestled between the departure of students and the arrival of new faces for the fall semester. It's a time when housing teams go above and beyond, working tirelessly to ensure that apartments are not just clean but sparkling, ready to welcome a new wave of students. Here at ApartmentsFor, we recognize and appreciate the dedication our customers exhibit during these grueling weeks in the student housing industry.

With the utmost admiration for our clients, we embarked on a sweet journey across 200 communities in the student housing markets we serve: Gainesville, Orlando, Tampa, Tallahassee, Tuscaloosa, and Athens. Armed with delectable treats, our aim was to add a touch of joy to the hectic schedules of those toiling away to prepare the perfect living spaces for Fall move-in.

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We treated the Gators to some B’z Gelati, a local Gelati food truck. We watched the delight on our customers' faces as the bright blue truck adorned with adorable bumblebees pulled up in front of each community. Brandon, the owner of B’z Gelati, with his exceptional kindness, managed to elevate the atmosphere and brighten the busy days of our clients with his huge smile, good attitude, and mouth-watering gelati


Cue the Hawaiian music! We added a tropical twist this year and visited our student housing partners in Tallahassee with refreshing Kona Ice. The freedom to create their flavor combinations, with lavender lemonade emerging as the week's favorite, provided a momentary escape from the Tallahassee heat. It was our small way of helping these dedicated individuals cool off and catch a well-deserved break.


We brought in the iconic Mr. Softee ice cream truck for our friends around the UCF area. From sundaes to soft serve, popsicles to shakes, the truck offered a plethora of choices to delight our customers. The cheerful ice cream truck music created a fun atmosphere as turn teams filed out of leasing offices for a surprise treat. .


Sydney and Sarah set off on a particularly hot Tampa day with a cooler filled with dry ice and delicious ice cream. Our apartment partners were engrossed in final walks and ensuring apartments were ready for early move-ins. We took the opportunity to hand out ice creams to sweaty turn teams and appreciative maintenance staff, and were sure stick some ice creams in the office freezer for any team members out on the property walking apartments.


Out in Tuscaloosa, we partnered up with a local franchise for the deliciously sweet Rita’s Italian Ice & Frozen Custard, marking the first time we got to treat our new partners in the market during their turn as they prepared for the first round of students referred by The reception was fantastic, and it was a perfect way to celebrate the launch of ApartmentsForLegends earlier in the year.


Last but certainly not least, we treated the Dawgs to some delightful Kona Ice. We partnered with a local entrepreneur to bring apartment turn teams a Kona Ice truck. With its adorable appearance, Lisa and her Kona truck brought joy to the hardworking student housing teams who were grateful for the sweet treat.

And there you have it – a wrap on our Fall 2023 turn drops! We're already looking forward to doing it all over again next year, continuing our mission to support the dedicated individuals who make student housing happen. Cheers to another successful turn, and here's to the anticipation of many more!