Elevating Awareness: ApartmentsForLegends and The Crimson White Join Forces on Distribution Day

Posted By: Jack Gerus Local Solutions, Student Housing,

ApartmentsForLegends has partnered with The Crimson White, The University of Alabama’s school newspaper, to continue raising awareness about Tuscaloosa’s local apartment guide. Over the last several events, or “distribution days”, our team has had the opportunity to connect with hundreds of students and provide them with information about finding an apartment in Tuscaloosa.

While the Crimson White distributes its papers to the student body, we work right alongside them. This means getting papers into the hands of students, passing out informational flyers along with them, and answering any questions students might have about our website. With a prime position on the Student Center plaza, there is hardly a better place to reach the student body.

Connecting with Freshman Currently Living in Dorms

Most of the students passing through the plaza on their way to class live on campus in dorms. Many of these freshmen and sophomores are considering living in apartments the following year. By distributing information about ApartmentsForLegends to them along with the school paper, these students are prepared to take on the daunting task of finding the right place to live while also engaging with current events in their community. The information is a good starting point, but it's most important that students can put the tools we give them into action.

Informative Flyers Inspire Action and Confidence

Each flyer in a copy of the Crimson White explains how ApartmentsForLegends helps with the housing search and directs students to the website. The flyer expresses that our website allows students to experiment with different filters and narrow down where they might want to live in the Fall. We love that at distribution day, each flyer ends up in the hands of a unique individual, and the vast majority of these students are underclassmen. With this targeted approach, interest in ApartmentsforLegends increases, and younger students become aware of Tuscaloosa’s local apartment guide. 

ApartmentsForLegends offers students a wide selection of potential places to live, rather than only the apartments closest to campus or ones that students have heard of through friends. Because students can expand the selection of apartments they are interested in, the visibility of our housing partners expands in turn. Based on what they find most important in a community, they can explore what all of our partners have to offer. Our team’s work on distribution day means that more students are connected with the housing partners that best suit their needs.